Tour De Kale ~ Comments

Tour De Kale ~ Comments

TourdeKale ~ Comments

Got something to say about TDK! This is where you can post your comments for TourdeKale events. a non-profit fundraiser benefit Bicycle, Run and Walk event Denton NC,TDK held 3rd Saturday in June annually.


Rodney Simpson said...

Tour De Kale gets better and better!
I wanted to take this opportunity to really say THANKS to the entire Denton Community for being so kind, gracious and generous during the Tour De Kale bike ride on Saturday June 8th. Every person we met from the parking attendants, to those at registration, to the ladies providing the food, went over and above what any of the riders could have ever expected. This ride is the best ride in the Southeast and it just gets better each year. I can only imagine how many of the ice cold towels were used at each rest stop and at the finish. This was just one of the extra perks that helps make the Tour De Kale ride special. My cycling friends still comment on how TDK was such a great organized ride. But what really sums it up is Kale himself. Here is a man, through the help from this community, has taken a tragic accident and turned it into something great to help so many others. This speaks volumes of his character and beliefs. I know that it was a long day for many but especially for Kale. Even when he finally had a chance to sit and eat, he found time to greet person after person that approached him and would always smile and thank them for participating in the event. I am moved by his display of compassion. As a cyclist I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of this sport but I have also seen what a community can do when they make a commitment to help others in need. I know initially it was Chris Skeen and the men and women of Chapel Hill United Methodist Church who are the one’s that rallied around Kale following his accident to help this man in need. In turn, Kale has now sought out others who were in a similar situation as himself, having financial debt that these individuals could not meet due to a medical problem. Kale Watkins and the folks in the Denton Community are an example for many of the Christian faith to follow. Kale had a choice to make. He could allow this situation to control the rest of his life or he could use it as a platform to help others. It may sound a bit cliché but “What would Jesus do” is what Kale Watkins, Chris Skeen, the men and women at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church and so many chose to do. I for one am truly grateful.

Thanks again, Rodney Simpson

Todd said...

Absolutely amazing ride. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much.

Todd Clapp

Anonymous said...

I have competed in the TDK 5K a number of years but this was the first time riding in the bike event. This was my first organized ride and the 60K the longest distance that I have completed. Everything was so well organized. The volunteers were wonderful. Everyone was friendly and helpful. It was a great experience and I hope to particiapte in both the run and ride again next year.